Crescent Enterprises, Inc. is a company incorporated in USA, with a branch office in Pakistan, operating as a group under the same management for the past 30 years. The group is dedicated to introduction and implementation of advance technologies, products and services for companies in the exploration, production and processing of oil & gas. Our mission is to serve our customers with honesty, integrity and a commitment to quality.

In the oil & gas sector, the company deals in the complete range of equipment, plants, consumables and services required in exploration, production and processing of hydrocarbons and power generation.

The group has been associated with leading manufacturers of oil and gas equipment, production and processing chemicals, catalyst, adsorbents, gas processing technologies, and supporting technical service providers. We partner with leading reputable companies who share our values. We have over the decades associated and partnered on numerous projects, some on exclusive basis, with companies such as, INEOS, UOP (a Honeywell Company), Gas Technologies Products (A Merichem Company), Alco Gas & Oil, Eco-Tec, Wyo-Ben, Guild Associates, Tyco, Eggelhof Inc., and many others.

Our presence both in the USA and Pakistan is a major advantage to our customers, enabling timely communication, which would normally be a challenge when dealing with suppliers/customers located in different time zones around the world. We are just a phone call away and our experience and knowledge of the local markets can be instantly drawn upon.  Additionally, we can provide services that meet the urgent and critical requirements of the customers in most expeditious manner.

Our office in Pakistan not only provides necessary coverage of the market but keeps us apprised about all developments and progress of ongoing projects and keeps abreast of future projects.  This unique facility, supported by our relationship with all the companies and our performance over the years have been factors in the success and the credibility that we enjoy with our customers.