Our Projects

Crescent, in collaboration with its principals, has supplied Oil & Gas Field equipment and provided technical services over the last three decades and participated in the implementation of some of the largest gas projects in Pakistan. Our participation has been very diverse, covering Drilling, Production, Well Services, Exploration and Engineering. Later our focus has been on upstream gas projects, with emphasis on the following areas.

Compression Equipment: Natural Gas Compression

Centrifugal Compressor-images

Supply of Compression packages has been a strong area. Crescent has supplied Compression packages of small, medium and large configurations, meeting customer’s requirement for their respective application. Major clients that we have supplied Compressor equipment over the last 15 years are POL, OGDCL, OMV, MOL. All of the compression packages were built on equipment supplied by leading manufacturers of compressors, prime movers, control packages, heat exchangers such as Ariel, Dresser-Rand, Caterpillar, Waukesha, GE, Murphy etc.  In view of ever changing compression packagers universe due to industry consolidation, we have worked with suppliers such, as Bush compression, Universal Compression, AG Equipment and others. But irrespective of the suppliers, we have guided all to quality commitment to the fullest satisfaction of the customers.

Memebrane plant-untitled

Natural Gas Processing.

Qadirpur, Kandanwari, Miano, Uch, Sawan  are some of the largest gas fields where we had major participation. These projects were completed starting in 1995.  Kandanwari was first of its kind membrane plant installed in Pakistan, which was then the largest plant of its kind in the world using membrane technology to remove acid gases to pipeline specs. Subsequently, even larger membrane plant was installed at Qadirpur for OGDCL.  This plant has had further enhancements since its start up in 1996 and now has the processing capacity of 650 MMSCFD.  In these and other significant projects we continue to provide equipment and services in support of maximizing the production process of the existing facilities.

Operational Solutions.

OMV’s progressive approach has helped optimize its operation at Sawan Gas field with the help of technology provided by INEOS. A study was conducted by INEOS and implementation of its recommendation OMV  was able to enhance its processing capability without any additional equipment or modification to its plant or equipment. Besides OMV, INEOS has provided its services and processing products to various other operators, such  as BP, OGDCL, OPI over the years.

UCH plant faced corrosion due to heat stable salts. This issue was addressed by introduction of state of the art technology by our principal ECO-TEC.

These are just a token of our offerings to bring value to our customers operations.  Our success in several important projects have helped position us with the clients to recommend new technologies and improvements in the operations and actively participate in support of optimizing the plant operation on continuous basis. It is our endeavor to bring to our client the latest technologies to help improve their operations and increase profitability of their operations.